Mobile Short codes can be provided in Ireland or United Kingdom

Increases response rates, build generation leads or create an immediate call to action with our approved short code platform.

Mobile Short Codes are shorter version of a mobile phone number, makes it easier to remember. They are widely used for informational and campaign purposes. You may have seen them used on TV, Radio and print advertising. Choose from a shared short code or your own dedicated short code. A dedicated short code will ensure that nobody else is using that short code number.

Costs varies for mobile short codes in Ireland, see our short code pricing list.

Opt-Out Text
Stay compliant with ComReg
Easy to implement
Attach to your Texts
Forward to email or a server
Multiple choice or True/False Options
Captured Mobile numbers
Increase Brand Awareness
Optional auto-response

Text Voting
Feedback Survey
Vote for Favourite
Instant Feedback
No downloads, no installation

Irish Company – GDPR Compliant

We are an Irish company which means that your data and your client’s data stays in Ireland. Why is this important?
Where your data is stored is important because each jurisdiction can determine that their privacy laws apply. for example, if the text service routes the data to a server based in the U.S. then the U.S. privacy laws applies and need to be abided. Our cloud hosting is right here in Ireland, so that you can be assured that the services that processes EU customer data stays in the EU.

According to GDPR rules, all data collected on EU citizens must stay in the EU so that it is subject to European privacy laws. Keep in mind that the U.K is no longer in the EU.